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Breakthrough Fitness Mission Statement

Breakthrough Fitness is committed to delivering superior fitness results for our clients through education, motivation, and guidance. We are also committed to providing the highest level of service to everyone who walks through our doors. We strive to provide a service that goes beyond physical fitness. We show our clients they are more than just a number on a scale, as we craft them into the multifunctional individuals they’ve always wanted to be! We adhere to these principles every day and look to them to guide us as our company grows. Breakthrough to a healthier lifestyle!

Personal Trainer Manager Mission Statement

To provide strong leadership and organizational skills to staff; to communicate effectively with management, members, and clients; to implement all aspects of the personal training program; and, to maintain a professional and positive work environment. Lead by example, encourage teamwork and represent the club well.

Personal Trainer Mission Statement

To provide the highest quality service to PT clients and club members; to consistently represent the PT program philosophy with clients and to follow the direction of management; to be prompt, professionally attired, and to exhibit pride in the club.

Key Mission Principles

  • • To live the lifestyle we promote
  • • Clients are more than just the package they sign up for
  • • Our trainers will be well educated, demonstrate understanding, and be dedicated to their work and their clients
  • • Our unique training methods are not “fad exercises.” They were developed through years of hard work, trial and error, and superior education
  • • The time our clients have paid for should be of equal importance to us as to them.
  • • When training a new client, we will show the same level of respect and understanding we would to a lifelong friend or family member
  • • Our uniform is more than just a clothing requirement, but a reflection of all the principles Breakthrough Fitness stands for.
  • • To treat our co-workers not as competitors, but as allies from whom we can learn and grow.
  • • Breakthrough Fitness will demonstrate interdependence in all aspects of the company (Financial, Staff, Customer, Management, Environment, and Training)
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