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Jennifer Garicia Breakthrough Fitness Oakwood
Feb 14, 2021
I have been working with Kim for several months. With her help, I have learned better form and new movements that have helped me progress with my fitness goals. She has a wonderful "can do" attitude. Her positivity is contagious and I always feel better not only physically, but mentally too!
John Mcfee Breakthrough Fitness Oakwood
Jan 07, 2021
I have been training with Dennis for over 5 years now and the things I have learned from him in that time have made me see how much the science of fitness has really evolved since when I would first lift at a gym 40 years ago. He has not only been a fantastic boost for my fitness , he has become my friend. Similar to skiing or golfing, take a lesson even if you think you know what your doing, I always learn something!
Barbara Masiello Breakthrough Fitness Oakwood
Nov 14, 2019
I’ve been training with Annette going on 2 years. She is extremely knowledgeable about anatomy and appropriate exercises for particular issues. Annette has helped me with my hip flexibility due to bursitis. She is very encouraging with regard to my resistance to cardio and has figured a way to work it in to our sessions!! I may never love exercise, but I enjoy coming to Intoxx and working with Annette!
Joe Dunne Breakthrough Fitness Oakwood
May 30, 2019
I’ve been training with John for the past 4+ years and it’s been the greatest investment of my life. Coming in after bilateral hernia surgery, a lid franc fracture & a torn labrum in the hip, John has been able to modify sessions while still maintaining intensity. Over the past 4 years my functional movements, conditioning, footwork, power & stability have continuously improved. Moreover, John builds a rapport that makes each client feel comfortable. Whether you are looking to enhance strength, size or become a better athlete, John is the guy for you!
Raymond Cottrell Breakthrough Fitness Oakwood
May 23, 2019
I have been with BreakthroughFitness for awhile now working with Dennis aka “Thor”. Thor is an amazing trainer. Thor guides and watches my form and movement making sure that I perform everything correctly. Dennis knows my limits and yet still pushes me to go a little bit further each time. The gym itself is great - very clean and well laid out. The new machine - neubie- is an excellent addition. It has helped my legs tremendously - I highly recommend that you give it a try.
Lisa Fiorenza Breakthrough Fitness Oakwood
May 18, 2019
I've been with Breakthrough Fitness for the past year and have seen amazing results. My trainer Kim has been absolutely amazing- I trust her immensely and know that she has my best interests at heart. She's been wonderful at walking the fine line between balancing my injuries and pushing me to grow. Don't know where I would be without her!
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